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Learn How to Reduce Golfing Handicap Quicker

Learn How to Reduce Golfing Handicap Quicker

Everyone wants to learn how to shoot lower scores but they do not want to practice. The key is to learn to practice smart and know how much practice you need to play at your best. Sometimes if you practice too much you can get worse since you get physically and mentally burned out so you do need to get rest and time off but on days that you do practice be sure to stay focused and put the time in on the range and practice greens. For most people if you want to shoot in the 80’s and occasionally in the 70’s then you will want to put in at least an hour hitting balls, chipping and putting and do it around 3 times a week.

Focus on the short game:

Remember that the short game is what accounts for at least 60 percent of your scores in most rounds of golf so it makes good sense that you want to spend at least half your practice time working on shots inside 120 yards. Keep in mind that when you are great at the short game this will give you greater confidence with the longer clubs since you will not be afraid of mishits as you know you can recover well most of the time. Fear results in tension which then further results in poor shots so it is important to eliminate fear as much as possible when you are about to hit any golf shot.

Putting is a big part of the game of golf and in order to become a great putter you need to learn how to think well on the greens and also how to master a certain putting technique. Do not fall into the trap of constantly changing putters or putting styles as this will lead to inconsistency in your game. If you watch the pros on tv you will realize that they use many different styles so you should try a few different techniques but once you find one approach you like make sure to stick with it long term. Reading greens can seem like a difficult challenge however the key is to take your time with each putt and then come up with a decisive read. Do not doubt yourself about the read of a putt when you are about to hit it. If you find doubt creeping in then you need to step back and get back that decisive frame of mind again.

Effective course management is another way you can quickly learn to reduce your scoring. Having an overly aggressive approach on every hole can cost you a lot of unnecessary strokes. It is often better to take a more conservative strategy and keep the ball in play in the fairways off the tees as this will make it much easier to shoot low scores. On some holes you may find that the pin is tucked in a tight corner next to a bunker or close to a water hazard, in this case it is usually a good idea to just aim for the middle of the green and accept par as a good score on such a hole.

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