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The Perfect Backswing Will Make Your Game

Your game will improve substantially if you work on these golf backswing tips and you will achieve the perfect backswing. The object is to get the club head and your hands, arms and body positions so that you effortlessly and powerfully return the club face square to the ball.

Mistakes in this first stage of the swing are hard to correct later on, so it’s really imperative to set up the backswing properly.

Check on the basics prior to making your swing. Ensure that your grip and ball position are spot on. With a relaxed posture, align your feet, knees, hips, chest and shoulders parallel to the ball to target line.

The technique stays the same from club to club but the swing plane and path will alter. Always keep your knees flexed and your back slightly bent. Your feet should be about shoulder width apart. You should make a perfect backswing if you keep these right basics.

It’s important that the takeaway is smooth, slow and relaxed. From the commencement of your takeaway your hands, arms, shoulders, chest and hips all move together. Allow your body to rotate to the right. This moves the club head inside the ball to target line.

The club face will open as your right arm begins to bend by mid point on the backswing. Your left hip will be pulled to the right by your rotating left shoulder. At this point your weight shifts to the inside of your right foot and the toe of the club head points at the sky. Your left arm should stay comfortably straight but not locked. Your left hand, wrist, arm and shoulder should be joined by an imaginary straight line.

Continue to rotate your upper body with wrists set, remaining in this position to the top of the backswing. The left knee moves toward the ball. When you reach the three quarter point in your backswing the club head should have been lifted well above your head. The left arm will remain quite straight but your right arm will be bent. Your legs should stay flexed.

Your upper body should be coiled on reaching the top of your backswing ready to unleash a powerful downswing. The left arm provides the leverage for pulling the club head through the ball. The upper body should have turned about ninety degrees and your hips and knees about forty-five degrees. Your right arm will be quite bent but your left arm still stays straight. This is essential as if the left arm is crooked or limp you will lose power on the downswing. Think of your left arm as a powerful lever which pulls the club head through the ball.

You should make a full swing with a wood or long iron but only a three quarter swing with a medium or short iron.

At the top of the backswing pause for a split second before beginning the downswing. This hesitation is so short it shouldn’t be visible but it allows your body to change direction smoothly. It will also keep you from rushing your downswing.

Put some time and effort into practicing these perfect backswing hints and tips and you will love the outcomes.

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